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Social Media Take Away Sessions

3 sessions with targeted content for your business

Get the best of Social Media for your own project for maximum efficiency 

In just 3 meetings, you will get exactly what you need and no more, in our classroom

Join a growing sector with skills that are in great demand worldwide and learn to promote businesses using the latest digital marketing techniques. Learn in a real classroom with the most experienced teachers from the industry.

Online community managers promote their companies and products online using social media networks. 

- Learn the latest skills for successful digital marketing.
- Practice your skills on real world projects with professional support.
- Business mentoring and job search assistance from a personal career coach.
- Course accredited by Misrad Ha’Avodah v’Taasukah (Ministry of Work & Industry)

Our courses will equip you with all the necessary tools to quickly become effective on social media. Regular homework and practical workshops will help you use the skills you are learning. 

Registered students have access to a live and recorded online webcast of each class during their course. The live interface allows them to participate remotely in any sessions that they cannot physically attend, so you don’t have to come to Jerusalem! 

Tell Me More!

Webschool Academy by Leadlike runs vocational courses in state-of-the-art classrooms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Learn practical digital marketing skills in English to qualify for a great career in Israel. 

Hundreds of Webschool graduates are now working in hi-tech and digital marketing companies around Israel. We can help you start your new career in digital marketing or learn to promote your own business on social media by training to become a Community Manager. Sign up today to find out more.

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 Practical Course at fair Prices
 Coaching and Support throughout the Course
 Expert Teachers with Industry Experience
Live Webcast and Recorded Classes
 Grow up your business with 3 main topics!

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