Fullstack Web Development Course

Are you interested in coding and want to joint the word of High tech in Israel?The Changing Internet and Learning the Most Wanted Internet Technologies in the Job Market!

About the training

400 academic hours
2 sessions a week
Eligible for פיקדון: : For liberated soldiers
Recognized by: the Ministry of Labor
Course Level:for beginners

What does the training consist of?

This is a professional training course where you will study the profession of a Web Developer. You will learn how to develop web products such as websites or Web Applications. The goal is to learn how to program (and code) the Front End part - visible to users - and Back End - management and customization for administrators - by learning a whole series of programming languages.

The main modules are :

Training Program:

Introduction to Internet and Web Protocols
Advanced CSS & CSS3
Open source development for Web applications
Java Script
PHP Fundamentals Development.
HTML5 APIs - Client's Side Development.
REST & AJAX Services Network Implementation.
Developing advanced Java script language.
AngularJS / React JS - Client's Side Development.
Node.js - Client's Side

* This program is new and subject to change

What you will get from Webschool in addition to the courses?

- Personal support to help you carry out your project and your professional portfolio.
- Individual appointments to help you create or update your CV or start your business as a Freelancer.
- Help with finding a job and/or internships…
- With the benefit of the community of Webschool Alumni (more than 600 people in Israel).
- Open door policy regarding participation in new sessions to catch up or update on new concepts of the training followed (within the first 3 years after completing your training).

Who is the course for?

For people without knowledge in development who want to integrate into the high-tech world.
For design or marketing professionals who want technical training to enable them to advance in their careers.
For small and medium business owners who want to develop their own internet system.
For developers who want to further study the innovative languages in the market.

Who is the course for?

תנאי קבלה מתחלקים ל3 שלבים :
-שלב הראשון - ביצועת ההרשמה על תוכנית מכינה 300 ש״ח - ללא התחייבות על קורס
-שלב שני - ביצועת תוכנית מכינה - 3 שעיורים מבוא מוקלטים
-שלב שלישי -  ביצועת מבחן קבלה -  ציון עובר מעל 70.


 12 years of study, fresh students / graduates from engineering, engineering, precision sciences and industrial
Basic computer work ability.
Admissions Committee and personal interview

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