Social Media Manager

Come learn DIGITAL MARKETING and accelerate your career or your Business!

About the training :

104 academic hours
Twice a week
Evening hours

Course Level:For beginners

What does the training consist of?

This is a professional training program in Internet marketing and digital communication techniques on social networks.
Learn how to build a social media strategy, use all the tools and platforms to reach customers, or increase awareness of your private business.

The main modules are: Marketing Strategy - Facebook Projects - Instagram - LinkedIn - YouTube - Twitter - Facebook Sponsored Campaigns on Instagram and Adwords - Planning - Corporate Videos - Marketing Content - Landing Pages and Newsletters - TikTok - ChatGPT

The Training Program:

Introduction to the world of Internet marketing and marketing strategies
Building a logo + brand and digital image processing
Marketing Writing Promoting SEO / Key Parameters and Research Phrases
Facebook - Organizing and sponsoring organic activities
Facebook - Sponsored Activity Management
Adwords sponsored Activity Management
Instagram - Organizing and sponsoring organic activities
Youtube / Twitter / LinkedIn / TikTok / ChatGPT
Customer Relationship Management and marketing strategy building
The marketing funnel
Email marketing
Online Event Planning
Google Analytics
Console Search

* This program is new and subject to change

What you will get from Webschool in addition to the training ?

- Customized support to help you carry out your project and professional portfolio
- Individual meetings to help you create or update your resume or run your own activities
- Help looking for a job and / or offering an internship
- Contact with the Webschool alumni community that has more than 600 alumni in Israel
- It is possible to return to the classes of the course to get updated on the current topic within 3 years after the course is completed.

Who is the course for?

For people who want to integrate into the digital advertising market as employees - in advertising and digital agencies, organizations and online companies.
Owners of all areas who wish to develop and promote the business independently.
For marketing and advertising professionals who need training in the digital marketing world to advance their careers and want to learn the practice of sponsored campaign management and effective organic campaign management on social networks.
For people looking to develop a digital entrepreneurship track and set up a digital advertising agency for business.


Graduates of 12 years of schooling.
Knowledge tests 3 units in English and math, or tests on the same level.
A test of familiarity with the world of the Internet and social networks - activation and browsing.
Admissions Committee.

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