Your right to training in Israel


Upon arrival in Israel, integration into the labor market is a major concern for all.

If some olim come with a profession that they can directly practice in Israel, others must perform equivalences more or less long, some arrive without a diploma or training to their credit and others finally, although having already benefited from a training and rich of a diploma and experience, consider their arrival in Israel as a stepping stone in their professional life.

For them, change is not limited to geographical location and their goal is to specialize in their field, to acquire new skills, to update new technologies for example or even to train for a new job.

For all Olim, it is also necessary to adapt to the specificities of employment in Israel and local training is always an excellent opportunity to adjust to a new professional environment.

Historically, the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration considers integration in the Israeli labor market as a key factor in the success of the alya and is therefore keen to facilitate the integration of all Olim , whatever their profile.

He set up the "Voucher" program for this purpose.
Through it, the Ministry offers all Olim the opportunity to train in Israel and grants them a significant financial contribution to the cost of vocational training, in the form of a voucher or "Voucher", within ten years from of their date of alya.

The amount of the subsidy for vocational training recognized by the Ministry of Labor is NIS 7000 and can not exceed 80% of the cost of the training.

If the training is not yet recognized by the Ministry, the training organization must commit to finding a job for its students in its industry.

Concretely, the procedure to follow to benefit from the granting of a Voucher is the following one:

Register at an institution recognized by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration;

Open an application for care with this Ministry, with your Hebrew training program stamped and signed by your training organization and a certificate of education;

Adjust your training with your organization

Submit your proof of payment with the Ministry and, every month, a proof of attendance to your training.


Since its inception IFLA has granted loans to families in need and small businesses struggling for their existence.
Look at the procedures for obtaining an interest-free loan for students in Israeli colleges & other higher academic institutions.


You can get help from the state to participate in our training. For that, it is enough to fill the document below. This is a request to perform a vocational training funded by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

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