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The Webschool allows you to access this very popular job for startups from all over the world by:

- 6 months
- 2 sessions per week
- 100% practice

Full Stack Developer: The Job

The "full stack developer" is a term that refers to a developer able to create a computer tool (software, application, website ...) all alone from A to Z. A developer Full stack is perfectly autonomous and will alone create , develop, code and maintain a website, whether or not assisted by a project manager or a marketing division.

The Full Stack Training Program:

Students will learn to master 5 technologies:

- Javascript

* Course curricula are subject to alteration where necessary.

The qualities required of the developer Full Stack

Technical skills are obviously his first and indispensable qualities. But these skills are far from sufficient.

A good developer Full stack is necessarily curious, autonomous, rigorous but also on the lookout for all the technical news.

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