Our advantages

The advantages of the Webschool

Subsidized training

The Israeli Ministry of Integration has validated and approved the Webschool courses. As a result, our courses are subsidized by the Ministry of Integration for new immigrants, according to the conditions set by the regulations in force.
Social Media Manager training, for example, can be supported up to 80% of its total cost.

Learn more about the "Voucher" program of Misrad Aklita.

Accompaniment to employment *

Our courses are meant to be practical, professional and professional. We are convinced that a student who follows our Community Manager training has the skills required to integrate better into the job market. Also, we are keen to accompany our students in their job search at the end of their training. Social Media Manager has the skills needed to integrate better into the job market. Also, we are committed to supporting our students in their job search after their training.

* Accompaniment to employment only for students of the three-month Community Manager training. Social Media Manager.

Issuing a certificate

A certificate attesting to the skills acquired during the training will be given to all students who successfully complete their training. Obtaining this certificate attests to the quality of the training followed, enriches the curriculum vitae of the participants and, above all, will prevail with employers wishing to hire the services of professionals who are experts in their field.

Expert trainers

All our courses are provided by educational and training managers who are recognized experts in their profession. In the field of the web in permanent evolution, we believe that a professional who has the practical experience of the field is the best able to train our students in an optimal way. Therefore we have selected 7 teachers each with a great experience in their field.

Best value for money

At the Webschool, we know that for many of our students the priority is integration into the job market. Also, we have designed our courses to offer the richest and most complete content possible for as short a time as possible. You will never have learned so much in such a short time.

National and international openness

Our professions and the techniques in which we train our students exist in Israel and internationally. You will gain global skills and some mobility. The Community Manager training, for example, includes learning the Hebrew professional lexicon and focusing on French and Israeli cultural differences. Social Media, for example, includes learning the professional lexicon in Hebrew and focusing on French and Israeli cultural differences.