The advantages of the Webschool

What is WebSchool?

WebSchool is a school whose vocation is to teach you the trades of the Web. We started with a first training - that of Community Manager - to become a superhero of social networks, able to compete with the biggest challenges of virtual communication. Today, we also offer specialized training to become Full Stack Developer: this training will allow you to integrate the world of high-tech to create the products of tomorrow! Finally, Webschool helps you to learn a business-oriented Hebrew to be able to convince your future employer, supplier or customer!

Why choose WebSchool ?

WebSchool is the only course to learn a new profession in French with a recognition of the State in order to integrate the Israeli world of work.

Who are the WebSchool courses aimed at?

Beyond the fact that one of the founders is in a wheelchair, the important thing is to note that we are not a school of gifted! The courses are open to anyone, ole or not, with at least 12 years of schooling and of course, interested in the Web professions.

How do you help find work?

WebSchool acts on three points: first of all, the professional accompaniment starts with the personalized help of a Coach who helps you to redo your CV, to prepare your job interview and to apply to companies interested by your profile. Then we put you in contact with mentors, these web professionals who want to benefit from the expertise of WebSchool by Leadlike while investing time in your orientation. Finally, WebSchool offers you a great opportunity to meet new people to broaden your business circle and your contacts.

Can we be reimbursed for the cost of training by Misrad Haklita?

Yes, absolutely and the procedure is extremely simple: if your are Ole Hadach under 10 years old in Israel, you can enjoy a refund up to 70% of the costs of the training. Just file your registration certificate and your request for support to validate your file.