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If you have experience in marketing, you can develop your career by adding the latest digital marketing techniques to your repertoire.
Join a growing sector with skills that are in great demand worldwide, or learn to promote your own business.

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Webschool is NOT an online course! It is a live, classroom course with real expert teachers – top in their field – who relate one-to-one with the students in an intensive and constructive learning environment. Our hi-tech classrooms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv allow for the recording of each class, so that students can review them on replay or catch up with missed classes from home. Webschool offers a subsidized course to train you for a new internet-based career in Social Media Manager.
- 3 month course
- 2 sessions each week
- Tomorrow's skills today!

The job

A Social Media Manager is the ambassador of a brand, organization or a product on social media networks.
By writing strategic posts, the community manager boosts the presence of the brand or business on the web, building a community of internet users to chat and talk about the business and the product on social networks.
As an online representative, the community manager takes care of the brand, company or product’s reputation and presence on the internet. To be a good Community Manager, you need to have excellent knowledge of online platforms and use their technological tools to monitor and promote your brand.
The course also includes learning the professional lexicon in Hebrew and discussing cultural differences in the use of social media in Israel and other countries.

The Community Manager Course

Over the course of 95 academic hours you will study topics including:

- Setting and implementing a digital strategy
- Using social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter)
- Creating social media campaigns and dynamic content
- Building and managing a social media community
- Writing blogs and content that is optimized for search engines
- Creating mailings and e-newsletters
- Design principles and use of design, animation & editing tools
- Building and optimizing a landing page
- Managing organic & paid advertising campaigns - Analyzing campaign results using analytics tools

* Course curricula are subject to alteration where necessary.

Qualities Required - Social Media experience

- Curiosity
- Sensitivity
- Creativity
- Self-sufficiency
- Adaptability
- Interpersonal skills

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