Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning is a marketing consultant and copywriter with extensive experience in the financial, real estate and non-profit sectors. She specializes in helping Israeli companies to promote their products overseas. Sarah teaches Webschool classes on Online Public Relations, Writing for the Web, Community Management & Crisis Management. She also runs the Webschool English Program, recruiting and mentoring students.

Shari Wright Pilo

Shari Wright Pilo is a leading digital marketing consultant & teacher with over 15 years of offline, online and social media marketing experience. She loves teaching Digital Marketing and keeping up to date with the constantly evolving technologies, online social networking, blogs, search, and analytic tools. Shari coaches for MATI and also teaches classes in Webschool on mastering the use of Social Media Platforms, and Social Media Management Tools & Post Automation.

Noam Fixler

Noam Fixler is a digital marketing expert with expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO). He is also a fitness entrepreneur who runs a sports innovation platform. Noam teaches classes at Webschool on Indexing Websites for Google, Key Performance Indicators on Social Media, and Web Metrics & Analytics.

Nadine Wildmann

Nadine Wildmann runs Meeple Communications and specializes in designing and building successful websites using the WordPress platform, leveraging her professional and academic experience to focus on marketing benefits. She also trains people to use WordPress and to optimize their websites to meet their business goals. Nadine teaches classes at Webschool on Building WordPress Blogs and Websites, Managing Corporate Websites, and Monetization through Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce.

Avery Azriel Ratz

Avery Azriel Ratz is the Facebook advertising expert behind Ratz Pack Media, which provides social media management and advertising, email marketing, and Google Adwords for clients all over the world. He shares his expertise with Webschool students, teaching classes on Social Media Advertising, Metrics & Performance Measurement.

Chana Abramowitz

Chana Abramowitz works as a freelance art director on major client accounts in New York and Jerusalem. She has over 15 years of art direction (graphic, web, and mobile) experience at both pharma and consumer ad agencies, working for clients such as Colgate, Varilux Lenses and The Helen Keller Foundation. She also teaches design at Webschool, demonstrating design principles, and how to get the best from online design & animation tools to create effective social media posts.