Webschool Course Contract

Item 1: Purpose
In execution of this contract, LEADLIKE LTD undertakes to organize the training activity known as: WEBSCHOOL COMMUNITY MANAGER (hereinafter: Training). WEBSCHOOL - Full Stack(hereinafter: the Training).

Item 2: Characteristics of the Training Activity
The training activity falls into the category of training approved and supported by the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Integration (Misrad HaKlita) and the Ministry of Economy and Labor.

It aims to give the Student a complete training in aspects of digital marketing to facilitate their integration into the job market.

The training is mostly given in English, but some classes may be given in Hebrew.

The course is set to last for 100 academic hours, at the end of which each Student must submit an end of semester project that is required in order to receive your certificate of completion.

In the event of non-delivery of your end-of-semester project, you agree not to receive the end-of-course certificate or professional assistance with job search. At the end of the training session, a certificate to confirm completion of the training will be given to the Student by LEADLIKE LTD.

In the event of non-delivery of your end-of-year project, you agree not to receive the end-of-study certificate or professional support for the job.

The complete training program is attached to this contract.

Item 3: Level of Prior Knowledge
In order to ensure the success of the training, the Student must have basic knowledge of computers and social media networks.

Item 4: Organization of the Training Program
The Jerusalem formations will take place at the premises of LEADLIKE LTD, 101 Dereh Hevron - Jerusalem.
The Tel-Aviv formations will take place in URBAN PLACE, Ehad Ha'am. This address can be modified.

For the Natanya trainings, the address will be communicated to the participants.

The general conditions under which the Training is provided, in particular the educational and technical aspects, as well as the methods of checking knowledge, are provided by LEADLIKE LTD.

LEADLIKE LTD undertakes to notify the Student of any relocation, postponement or replacement of courses (modification of the program) at least 48 hours in advance.

Item 5: Registration and Withdrawal Period
To reserve its place at one of the Trainings, the Student makes a payment of 300 NIS (excluding VAT) for Registration and Registration fees, by bank transfer or credit card.

2. After payment of the Registration Fee for the said Training, the Student will be summoned to the LEADLIKE Ltd office to sign the present contract and pay the Training Fees in their entirety.

3. From the date of signature of this contract, the Student has a withdrawal period of 7 days. During this period, he/she must formally inform LEADLIKE LTD in writing (email or fax) of his/her request for withdrawal. In any case, said cancellation request will only be taken into account by LEADLIKE Ltd if it is given more than 7 days before the start date of the Training session for which the Student has registered. Note that the Registration Fee paid will not be refunded.

4. Once the withdrawal period has passed, the student agrees:

• To follow the course by attending and paying attention in accordance with the provisions of Item 9 below.

• To pay the full cost of the course (Training Fees) in accordance with the provisions of Item 6 below.
to pay the full cost of the training in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 below.

Item 6: Financial Provisions
The Student agrees to pay the full price of the training as follows:

1. At the signing of the present contract, the Student makes a first payment by bank transfer or credit card ONLY.
2. The payment of the balance of the Training Fees may be staggered in several payments made by credit card ("tachloumim") or by the delivery of undated checks before the start of the Training.
IMPORTANT: Students who are Olim Chadashim (less than 10 years after Aliyah) who wish to be reimbursed for part of the costs of the course by the Misrad HaKlita or the Jewish Agency, must communicate directly with these organizations in order to assert their rights. LEADLIKE LTD is not in any way committed/bound/affected by the criteria or the deadlines for reimbusement or assumption of the expenses of the training by these organizations. The Student is committed to pay the full price of the course according to the above terms, regardless of the status of his/her requests for reimbursement to the various organizations concerned.

Item 7: Interruption of the Course
A. In the event of early termination of the Training course by LEADLIKE LTD for a reason other than force majeure, this contract is terminated automatically. The balance of the training not provided will be refunded pro rata to the Student, according to the sums actually debited by LEADLIKE LTD.
B. In the event of early termination due to the discontinuation of the course by the Student for a reason other than force majeure: refund for the remainder of the course costs must be discussed with LEADLIKE LTD. The company will decide on the possible reimbursement of payments to be made at its sole discretion. In any case, no request for reimbursement for classes already delivered can be considered.
C. If the Student is prevented from completing the course or if LEADLIKE cannot provide the planned course as a result of a case of force majeure that is legally recognized, the present contract is terminated by operation of law. In this case, only the amounts due for the courses already delivered will be taken into account for the payment or reimbursement as the case may be.

Item 8 : Collaboration with Mentoring Companies
A. The WEBSCHOOL program also links trained students with LEADLIKE LTD network companies ('mentors') in search of such individuals. It is specified that the company LEADLIKE LTD and the program WEBSCHOOL only allow the connection of the two parties by putting at their disposal its network and its contacts.

In this context, the company LEADLIKE Ltd and / or the WEBSCHOOL interveners cannot be held responsible for the conditions of collaboration (employee, freelance, trainee, ...) proposed by the mentoring companies. Such conditions must be verified and/or negotiated by the Student concerned before any commitment on his part. The Student hereby declares that they will investigate their rights as applicable to the various legal statuses of collaboration with the companies and cannot hold liable the company LEADLIKE Ltd and/or the WEBSCHOOL interveners following any dispute with the business-mentors with which they chose to collaborate. B. As part of its Training, the Student will be offered a maximum of three collaborative projects with the mentoring companies of the LEADLIKE LTD network, without distinction of affinity. The student is completely free to choose the project he wants to work on. The conditions of collaboration for the selected project must be worked out between the Student and the company without the intervention of LEADLIKE Ltd and/or the WEBSCHOOL interveners and/or its WebSchool training. In addition, LEADLIKE LTD declines any responsibility for the actions that the Student may perform in the framework of the collaboration with the company and/or without the consent of his mentor, whether or not these actions have caused any damage to the mentoring company or to the Student. Item 9: Duty of Presence and Seriousness Training provided by LEADLIKE LTD is recognized by the Ministry of Integration and the Ministry of Economy and Labor. As such, it is a real professional training at the end of which a Certificate is awarded. In order to validate his professional Training, the Student must ensure his participation in classes at least 80% of physical presence time (including a "remote" presence for courses taught "live" online). The Student also undertakes to carry out the practical work and other tasks requested from time to time by the trainers, to prepare and pass the examinations, and various required knowledge checks, as well as to submit on time the End-of-Course Project.

Item 10. Miscellaneous Provisions The Training program and the course materials distributed therein are the exclusive property of LEADLIKE LTD. The student agrees to make only personal use of these materials as part of his/her learning. The Student undertakes not to maintain any extra-curricular relationship with the LEADLIKE LTD teachers.

Item 11: Interpretation of the Contract
In case of divergence of interpretation between two or more language versions, preference will be given to the interpretation based on the contract in Hebrew (available on request).

Item 12: Dispute Resolution
The parties undertake to settle amicably and in compliance with the principle of contractual good faith, any disputes or differences between them. Otherwise, only the courts of Jerusalem will be competent to settle any dispute.